The VC Focused on Real Estate Technology & Innovation

The VC Focused on Real Estate Technology & Innovation

Despite being the largest part of the economy in the United States, the real estate industry has not modernized as fast as other consumer-centric industries and there had been a noticeable lack of investment in technological innovation among real estate companies. New venture capital firms, like Fifth Wall Ventures, have begun a dedicated approach to investing in real estate technology startups that are transforming what they refer to as the "Built World". With founders bringing a depth of knowledge from both traditional real estate and innovative technology backgrounds, Fifth Wall Ventures offers a unique value proposition to be able to invest in and advise on the innovation beginning to take place in the real estate industry.

In a recent episode of the "Real Estate Is Your Business" podcast, I sat down with Brendan Wallace, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Fifth Wall Ventures, to discuss his firm's mission of investing in real estate technology companies and encouraging collaboration between these innovative startups and industry-leading incumbents across the real estate industry - including retail, industrial, hospitality, multi-family, homebuilding, office, and commercial brokerage.

Curious to learn about Brendan's views on how technology is changing the real estate industry?

Listen to Brendan Wallace of Fifth Wall Ventures - Tech, Funding, and Mars

Real Estate Technology VC - Brendan Wallace

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