Buying an Apartment in NYC: Prevu vs Traditional Brokers

Buying an Apartment in NYC: Prevu vs Traditional Brokers

One of the most common questions Prevu receives from homebuyers is “How is Prevu different from traditional real estate brokers in New York City?” The answer is simple. Prevu is on a mission to save you money when you are buying an apartment in NYC. By combining expert, salaried agents with state of the art technology, Prevu is able to pass along significant savings with its industry-leading Smart Buyer™ Rebate - we rebate two-thirds of the commission we receive in a home purchase to buyers like you.

Expert Advice 

Prevu is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of service. Our agents are licensed real estate salespeople in New York State, members of the Real Estate Board of New York (commonly referred to as REBNY), and are local experts with years of experience serving the New York City real estate market. 

With Prevu, you receive a dedicated agent that is with you every step of the way including seamless property searches, scheduling of appointments, discussion of offers, negotiation, inspection, preparation of co-op or condo board packages, up through closing.

Prevu Smart Buyers

Get More With a Smart Buyer™ Rebate

Imagine buying your dream apartment in NYC plus receiving a big check! That’s right, you get more when buying an apartment with Prevu’s Smart Buyer™ Rebate.

 In NYC, most homeowners pay 6% to sell their home with 3% being paid to the listing broker and 3% paid to the buyer’s broker. When Prevu represents a buyer, we rebate two-thirds of our commission to the buyer - therefore you receive a cash back rebate of 2% of your purchase price. This compares to the 0% you would receive working with traditional brokers. For example, if you buy a $2,000,000 apartment in NYC with Prevu, you would receive a Smart Buyer™ Rebate of up to $40,000 vs $0 with traditional real estate brokers.

Technology Enhances Buyer Experience

Prevu is able to pass along such significant savings thanks to our combination of expert, salaried agents and technology. Our team has created an end-to-end platform for homebuyers in New York City providing a smart home buying experience. 

The Smart Buyer™ platform allows homebuyers to have more control and enjoy a more user-friendly buying experience, including the ability to:

  • Seamlessly search for NYC properties sourced from the local broker database
  • Easily share and communicate with your dedicated agent via one-click messaging to ask questions, schedule viewings, and more
  • Quickly make an offer via your agent on the platform
  • Happily receive NYC's largest commission rebate

 Do you want to get more when you buy an apartment in NYC?

Setup your Smart Buyer™ property feed today!

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