Prevu Launches End-To-End Platform Enhancing Its Smart Buyer™ Commission Rebate Service in NYC

Prevu Launches End-To-End Platform Enhancing Its Smart Buyer™ Commission Rebate Service in NYC

Prevu today launched an end-to-end platform for homebuyers in New York City – providing a more seamless home buying experience to complement its industry-leading Smart Buyer™ Rebate service.

Seamless Solution

Expanding on its mission of savings, Prevu has released its new end-to-end platform to modernize the home buying process. “We are excited by the platform features and user experience that our team at Prevu has created for homebuyers in New York City,” says Prevu co-founder Thomas Kutzman. “New Yorkers deserve more than the antiquated sign up forms of traditional brokers. Buyers deserve a rich user experience that they have grown accustomed to from other industries that have modernized faster than real estate.”

 The Smart Buyer™ platform allows homebuyers to have more control and enjoy a more user-friendly buying experience, including the ability to:

  • Seamlessly search for NYC properties sourced from the local broker database
  • Easily share and communicate with their dedicated agent via one-click messaging to ask questions, schedule viewings, and more
  • Quickly make an offer via your agent on the platform
  • Happily receive NYC’s largest commission rebate

The Largest Buyer Commission Rebate in NYC

Prevu’s Smart Buyer™ Rebate enables homebuyers to receive a rebate of up to 2% of their purchase price while having a dedicated agent with them every step of the way. The Smart Buyer™ rebate is straight-forward and transparent - Prevu rebates a set two-thirds of the commission it receives for acting as your real estate agent, and the rebate amount is disclosed prior to making an offer. “In a recent transaction, a family received a Smart Buyer Rebate of $72,500 when they purchased an apartment in the Flatiron neighborhood,” Prevu co-founder Chase Marsh shares. “The idea of getting paid by your real estate agent has really resonated with New Yorkers, and I am proud that Prevu is at the forefront.”

 Technology Equals Savings

Despite the advancements in real estate technology over the past decade, the end consumer, until now, has been left behind. Prevu co-founder Chase Marsh notes, “Traditional real estate brokers talk about technology. Prevu chooses to use technology to save buyers and sellers money.” By combining technology and salaried agents, Prevu has created an environment where agents are more efficient and focused on the experience of buyers and sellers, and this allows the company to pass on savings to New Yorkers.

 Sellers Save Too

Prevu’s Smart Seller™ service enables homeowners in New York to sell their home for a fair 0.5% listing agent commission – allowing them to save up to 5.5% of their sale price when compared to using a traditional broker.

 The company plans to roll out additional features for sellers and buyers later this year.


For more information on Smart Buyer™ Rebates from Prevu, visit

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